Hello, my name is Jac Kirby.
I am No Matter Fail.

Paintings, line art, books, and enamel pins. I always need to be making. I have come back many times to whether or not is it a good idea to have the word FAIL in the name I present my work under. However, after dwelling on who I am as an artist and creator, I couldn't separate myself from the word. Failure is an essential part of creativity and I work hard to be very comfortable failing and trying again in order to arrive at the end of the process. Over time I have discovered that advancement in art and design requires a certain level of audacity from the creator, something that does not come easily for me. I do fear failure, but No Matter Fail is a battle cry of sorts, a string around my finger - take risks, be vulnerable, make shit. 

Get in touch if you are interested in pursuing a creative project with me. Also, check out my shop, nomatterfail.etsy.com, to get your hands on a little piece of my heart; that is, little things I get made because I love them, and to experiment with new production methods.

My day job is Senior Designer at 7 Layer Studio, a graphic design and branding studio in Maplewood, NJ.