No matter fail on the socials

Whatever internet home you feel coziest in, chances are No Matter Fail is there playing around. I am a great lover of the the internet, a proud indoor kid and screen junkie. Okay, maybe not proud, but it is what it is. Come hang out so I feel justified to keep playing!



This is my favorite place to be online. I love that everything follows the visual. I can just keep scrolling and scrolling and fill my brain with inspiring content, whether it be from the amazing typographers, hand-letterers, fellow pin makers, illustrators, and comics artists -- I am never at a loss for inspiration there. I have also loved commenting and connecting with artists and designers from all over, as well as gamers and plain ol' nerds like me. Oh the fan art! Come follow!

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Working on my ability to think in 140 characters, while also considering the reach one can attain through linking and hash-tagging, is a great challenge for me. And I don't mean great like, "excellent." I mean great like, "of the extent considerably above normal." What I'm saying is, it's hard for me. But I don't feel comfortable unless I am pushing myself into that failing zone, and it is a substantial part of the internet in terms of popularity and visibility. So I am there, struggling along. Come follow and witness my public bumbles! Hey, I'm not the worst person on Twitter ;) ! 

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Ugh. Facebook. Am I right? I'm not really sure what is going on over there. I haven't quite mastered the art of their business profiles. So there you go, another place for me to exquisitely fail in the name of experimentation. I am currently on a break from this platform, as I don't currently feel like the benefits outweigh the time-suck and social abnormality. Feel free to like me there, I may return in the future.